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      #region 2-NonTerminals - in camelCase
         var binaryOp   = new PGIrony.TransientNonTerminal("BinOp");
         var unaryOp    = new PGIrony.TransientNonTerminal("UnaryOp");
         var numeric    = new PGIrony.TransientNonTerminal("Numeric");
         var expr       = new NonTerminal<ExpressionAstNode>();
         var stmt       = new NonTerminal<StatementAstNode>();
         var stmtList   = new NonTerminal<StatementListAstNode>();

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Felienne May 1, 2013 at 8:09 PM 
Final three lines are incorrect, it should be this: (as in the download code)

var expr = new TypedNonTerminal<ExpressionAstNode>();
var stmt = new TypedNonTerminal<StatementAstNode>();
var stmtList = new TypedNonTerminal<StatementListAstNode>();