A Toolkit and Examples for Building an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) with Irony - A .NET Language Implementation Kit


Enjoying the elegance of building grammars with Irony, but struggling, as I did, with building an AST? Look no further. This toolkit and example will make building an AST on top of Irony as simple and elegant as building the grammar was.

The libraries Irony.AST and Irony.Interpreter were designed to directly support the grammars and examples included with Irony, and are difficult to use more generally as abstract base classes (For example, there is no abstract tree-walker in the AstNode class). PGIrony fills that gap, providing an elegant and simple structure to start designing AST nodes, and a simple example of building a grammar and Abstract Syntax Tree with Irony. Check out the Documentation and judge for yourself.


  • PGIrony.dll:
    • a library of tools built to extend Irony.dll,
    • abstract base classes for AstNode to ease construction of an AST.
  • AstGrammarTest.dll:
    • A simple Statement-List grammar demonstrating use of the toolkit.

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